Event at Carloforte

On August 5th, R2M Energy and Comune di Carloforte met with the participants of San Pietro island’s pilot to present the first good results obtained thanks to the deployment of the innovative technologies provided by the project: MIDAC batteries, Mitsubishi Electric’s high efficiency heat pumps and NesosNet’s smart meters EnergyHUB.

The participants were very enthusiastic to see the results already achieved in these first months of installation that have led to a considerable reduction in their energy bills, especially in the last period when they have been very concerned about rising energy prices.

During this meeting, R2M Energy also anticipated the next steps that will be implemented on the demand response control side thanks to the new REACT mobile app specifically developed for REACT participants. The team took the chance to guide them through the different monitoring platforms, to support them in better understanding how an energy community works, PV self consumption, demand response and the basics of energy management, as well as to answer their questions and doubts face to face.

The meeting was followed by a public event open to all the islanders. The Mayor of Carloforte together with several representatives of the municipality involved in the promotion of the REC and with the technical support of R2M Energy featured the plans for the scale up and dissemination of REACT to all the inhabitants of the island.

This second event was meant to increase people’s awareness on the benefits from decarbonization, while recruiting new members for the creation of the first San Pietro’s Renewable Energy Community.

Both the events were a success: more than 200 people attended them. 

In an interview released for the regional newspaper ‘’Unione Sarda’’, the Mayor of Carloforte said ‘’We are pleased with the attendance at this first public meeting. With the support of our technicians, we illustrated the characteristics of the energy community, the possibilities of joining, and also talked about the incentives linked to energy communities. is a fundamental topic, even more so with the current scenarios in the energy sector.’’

People actively raised questions and gave opinions on several topics (from the PV installation in the city center, to the increase of energy prices), showing high interest and willingness to go for an energy autonomous and sustainable island.

If you are from Carloforte and could not attend the event but are interested in joining the Renewable Energy Community of San Pietro, or you are eager in learning more about what has been done within REACT on San Pietro, what is a Renewable Energy Community and which will be the steps to formalize it in Carloforte, we invite you to watch the record of the public event at the following link: https://fb.watch/eSdqNvZntx/