Island community representatives, regional authorities, DSO/ESCO, technology providers, academia and RTO’s.

To demonstrate and replicate the REACT solution, the project gathers island community representatives, regional authorities, DSO/ESCO, technology providers, academia and RTO’s from 11 countries: Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, United Kingdom, France, and Serbia. They have assembled as clusters of partners around the pilot sites and follower islands to cover different climatic and socio-economic regions and with the necessary expertise for its technological deployment and integration.


Project coordinator. Expert in energy management solutions. ESCO services​ VEO is an Energy and Environmental Service Company, mainly dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and improvement of buildings, facilities and complexes of different nature, in order to improve comfort, performance and security at lower cost. As coordinator of the project, they will lead both technical and administrative activities of the project and support consortium members in reaching collaborative results. Being one of the largest Spanish national ESCOs and BRPs (Balance Representative Party), VEO will leverage its expertise among energy infrastructures' operation, maintenance and improvement to contribute in REACT during the planning phase but even more during the deployment and operation phase of the RES/storage enabled infrastructure.


Knowledge in heating/cooling energy demand forecasting, building modelling, and energy performance simulation. Development of grey-box models for optimisation management & control By having a background in applied research related to energy domain, dealing with both residential and non-residential sectors, NUIG will contribute with expertise and knowledge in heating/cooling energy demand forecasting, building modelling and energy performance simulation. Moreover, it will lead the development of the grey-box models necessary to close the loop between advance optimisation algorithms and actual control and management of equipment in-situ.


Grid operator & energy provider for Aran Islands pilot ESBN, which serves as Irish national electric provider and DSO, and operates from generation, over transmission and distribution to supply, provides the electricity to Aran Islands and represents one of the major stakeholders in this use case. Moreover, it will leverage its grid operator and energy provider expertise to contribute REACT during the planning phase but even more during the deployment and operation RES/storage infrastructure to be deployed.


Renewable energy regulative framework and legislation for Ireland & EU Being a representative of international regulatory bodies in the consortium, SEAI will provide an important perspective in terms of regulative framework and legislation in the domain of renewable energy not only in Ireland but throughout the EU as well. It will provide support for the consortium members and REACT developments to comply with existing regulations but also ensure their compliance for upcoming changes in regulations and legislation framework.


Aran Islands Pilot site representative​ Being a regional development authority responsible for the economic and sociolinguistic development of the Gaeltacht districts in Ireland, UNG will play the pivotal role for the Irish demo pilot site in the Aran Islands by acting as the site owner and providing the necessary bridge between the REACT solution developers and end-users. In addition, UNG will unleash the possibility for a wider outreach considering islands along the west coast of Ireland.


Innovative heat-pump based solutions for all pilot sites. Lead research for closing the control loop between generation, storage, and energy end-use Being the world’s leading company in automation, air conditioning and heating systems for large infrastructures and districts, they will primarily contribute to REACT’s demo pilot sites with innovative heat-pump based solutions. Moreover, MERCE will lead research efforts related to the closing of the control loop going from generation, over storage to energy end-use.


Advanced battery management systems & storage modelling and analytics FHG will be part of the consortium cluster dealing with REACT innovative energy storage solutions and, in particular, will lead the research efforts in this domain together with members from the industry. It will contribute with know-how on advanced battery management systems and experience in the domain of storage modelling and analytics.


Testing & validation of HIL (SmartEST laboratory). Grid operation monitoring, distribution state estimation, and fault detection and diagnostics. Development of DR strategy AIT will have a pivotal role in the testing and validation of REACT solution by offering an actual HIL testing facility, as part of their SmartEST laboratory, together with the relevant know-how and expertise on grid operation monitoring, distribution state estimation, and fault detection and diagnostics. Moreover, AIT will also play a critical role in the development of DR strategy by leading the research activities energy demand and supply forecasting.


Grid operator & energy provider for Spanish pilots (Canary Islands & Majorca). Majorca Island pilot site representative​ Being a member of the REACT cluster of grid operators and energy providers, they will provide relevant know-how and expertise for the solution deployment and integration with corresponding grid infrastructure. Also, acting as one of Spanish national energy retailers for both electrical and thermal energy, FEN is focused to deliver cheaper and cleaner energy for their customers, while also keeping the energy provision on islands (such as Canary Islands) as one of the key points of their expansion plan. Finally, FEN will act as the follower pilot site owner for the Majorca island.


System architecture definition, smart-grid connectivity & advanced EMS visualization tools. Deployment & integration of RES enabled infrastructure One of the leading RTOs in REACT, they will leverage its extensive experience and relevant knowledge from both research and industry on complex systems, their architectures and integration paradigms used for applications in improved energy efficiency, demand response, etc. In particular, TEK will focus on system architecture definition, smart-grid connectivity and advanced EMS visualization tools, but also deployment and integration of REACT’s RES enabled infrastructure.


Hybrid PV generation systems. Energy storage technologies and know-how (VLA / VRLA lead-acid battery solutions)​ Being one of the largest distributors and integrators of specialized, high-quality, PV/storage equipment in Spain and Portugal, they will deliver to REACT both small- and large-scale hybrid PV generation systems with adequate support in the system integration and operation phase. Moreover, ORD will take a key role in delivering innovative energy storage technologies and relevant know-how on their integration and optimal management and in particular be responsible for providing lead-acid (both VLA and VRLA) battery solutions.


The Canary Islands pilot site representative. Support in deployment & outreach for the Canary Islands Being a regional association of industrial companies in energy and communication domains, AIE will represent the Spanish demo pilot site on the island of La Graciosa (Spain). Moreover, AIE together with industrial stakeholders in the region will provide REACT with support during the deployment phase of the project and enable wide outreach of developed solutions to the entire archipelago of the Canary Islands.


Lifecycle techno-economic & environmental impact assessment of RES projects. Holistic DR strategy. Gotland Islands pilot site representative​ They will primarily bring their extensive knowledge and expertise on techno-economic and environmental impact assessment of investment in both small- and large-scale RES projects, covering the entire lifecycle. Moreover, they will develop a holistic DR strategy at the community level and work also on technology acceptance improvement methodology through designated workshops. Finally, UPP will act as the follower pilot site owner for the Gotland island.


Exploitation, IPR management, market analysis & ESCo services for the Sardinia region Given that R2M is an integrated and multi-disciplinary engineering company, it will contribute to REACT by leading Exploitation activities, IPR management, market analysis and ESCo services. Also, being a mother company of R2M Energy, its ESCO division, currently providing ESCo services for Sardinia Region, it will provide extensive experience and valuable know-how when it comes to REACT service development as well as insight into current policy restrictions and potential innovation obstacles.


Energy storage technologies & know-how (high-capacity, environmental friendly, Li-Ion batteries) Their role will primarily be in delivering innovative energy storage technologies and relevant know-how on battery integration and optimal management to REACT. Being one of the leading companies in EU for production of automotive, motive power and stationary batteries, MID will deliver high-capacity, environmental friendly, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries suitable for storing excess energy produced by RES.


San Pietro pilot owner island & outreach for the Sardinia region Being the local municipal authority, CCF will play a key role in providing REACT demo pilot site at San Pietro island and delivering potential outreach to the entire region of Sardinia.


User engagement & behaviour. DR strategy & energy dispatch algorithms. Isle of Wight pilot site representative Being part of the REACT’s academia cluster, they will be devoted to the reaching excellence in project research activities and, in particular, will leverage its expertise in user engagement, motivation and ways of influencing end-user behavioural change towards more energy aware lifestyles to achieve REACT primary objectives. Moreover, they will also be active in the development of appropriate DR strategy and energy dispatch algorithms. Finally, TEES will act as the follower pilot site owner for the Isle of Wight.


Lifecycle techno-economic & environmental impact assessment of RES projects. System validation tasks. Dissemination & exploitation activities. Lesbos Islands pilot site representative They will primarily be involved in the REACT’s pilot infrastructure planning process through its extensive knowledge in techno-economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment associated with the deployment of both small- and large-scale RES projects, taking into account the entire life cycle process. Moreover, AEG will also be active in system validation tasks as well as dissemination and exploitation activities. Finally, AEG will act as the follower pilot site owner for the island of Lesbos.


Development of SCADA & Energy Management Systems. System Interoperability, Optimal Power Flow (OPF), Automated Control of Diverse & Distributed Systems. Feasibility Analysis Owing to the extensive experience in development of SCADA systems and energy management systems, PUPIN will primarily contribute to REACT with the deep knowledge in system interoperability, optimal power flow (OPF) and automated control of diverse and distributed systems. Moreover, PUPIN will leverage its expertise in RES/storage planning, from previous EU research projects, to allow for optimal deployment of energy infrastructure in the project demo pilot sites and appropriate feasibility analysis for the follower pilot sites.


User-centered design & communicationComet G.I. is a private entity specialized in the field of technological innovation based in Barcelona, Spain. One of the main missions of Comet G.I. is the management, communication and dissemination of R&D&i projects and the effective commercialization of projects and initiatives financed by the local, national or European public and private sector. Comet G.I. is led by a team of highly qualified experts in their areas of knowledge, with more than 25 years of experience in the development of advanced research projects, aimed at achieving the sustainable development goals "SDGs" framed in the 2030 Agenda.


Photovoltaic systems energy generation & solar resource forecasts and modelling. Conversion analysis & infrastructure planning. Reunion Island pilot site representative UR brings to REACT relevant expertise and valuable know-how in photovoltaic systems energy generation and solar resource forecasts and modelling. Moreover, it will also support activities related to conversion analysis and infrastructure planning together with the deployment of energy storages. Finally, being the owner of one of REACT’s follower pilot sites, the Reunion island, UR will ensure exploitation of project outcomes in the longterm.


CFAT is an island community development organization, formed in 1991 CFAT provides many social enterprises – such as the Childcare Facility, Public Bus Service, Playground & Park Facility, Recycling Facility, fuel distribution, community employments schemes, social enterprises, cultural and language initiatives, self-sustainability, and alternative energy initiatives. The ethos of CFAT is to enhance both the social and economic development of the islanders of Inis Mór and to continue endeavoring the safeguarding the cultural and linguistic identities of the Island.


Energy storage technologies & know-how (power-to-gas technology based on a bio-catalyst to convert low-cost & stranded electricity and CO2 into pipeline-grade renewable gas) Being part of the REACT consortium cluster dedicated to delivering disruptive energy storage technologies and relevant know-how on their integration and optimal management, they will contribute to planning and demonstration activities with their proprietary power-to-gas (P2G) technology based on a bio-catalyst, called archaea, to convert low-cost and stranded electricity and carbon dioxide into pipeline-grade renewable gas.