23 partners from
11 EU Countries
Island community representatives, regional authorities, DSO/ESCO, technology providers, academia and RTO’s. 

To demonstrate and replicate the REACT solution, the project gathers island community representatives, regional authorities, DSO/ESCO, technology providers, academia and RTO’s from 11 countries: Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, United Kingdom, France and Serbia. They have assembled as clusters of partners around the pilot sites and follower islands to cover different climatic and socio-economic regions and with the necessary expertise for its technological deployment and integration.

Project coordinator. Expert in energy management solutions. ESCO services.

Veolia is an Energy and Environmental Service Company, mainly dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and improvement of buildings, facilities and complexes of different nature, in order to improve comfort, performance and security at lower cost. With its core business of “smart power management” it has gained a leading position in the areas of energy management and energy savings and CO2 emission control. The company also provides innovative solutions for sustainable development of cities and companies, through the control and maintenance of district heating and cooling networks, industrial utilities and energy services in buildings and facilities.

Energy demand forecast, building modelling & energy performance. Grey-box models.

NUI Galway is one of Ireland’s foremost centres of academic excellence. With over 15,000 students, it has a long established reputation of teaching and research excellence in each of its seven faculties and is now among the Top 1% in the world. Their Informatics Reaserch Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE) has extensive experience in life cycle energy management of buildings and model-based operation optimisation of buildings both in academic and industrial terms.

Grid Operator & Energy Provider for Aran Islands pilot.

ESB Networks serves all electricity customers. For over 90 years, they have provided safe and reliable electricity to over 2 million customers in homes, businesses and communities right across Ireland. ESB Networks’ electricity network is one of the world’s smartest and most resilient energy networks, continually evolving to support Ireland’s transition to low carbon through electrification and to make sure that their customers remain at the centre their activities.

Renewable energy regulative framework and legislation for Ireland & EU.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) was established in 2002 as Ireland’s national energy authority. Its mission is to play a leading role in transforming Ireland into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices. To fulfil this mission SEAI aims to provide well-timed and informed advice to government, and deliver a range of programs efficiently and effectively, while engaging and motivating a wide range of stakeholders and showing continuing flexibility and innovation.

Aran Islands pilot site representative

The regional development authority responsible for the economic and sociolinguistic development of the Gaeltacht districts in Ireland, which include predominantly rural districts for the most part located on the Southern and the Atlantic coast, where the Irish language remains in use as a community vernacular. Since its establishment in 1980, the agency has invested state resources in order to create the necessary economic and social infrastructure which are crucial to the development of a resilient and sustainable enterprise economy.The agency established a new organisational structure in 2016 to commit resources and expertise to the development of research and planning initiatives.

Heat-pumps. Closing the control loop between generation, storage & energy end use.

With offices in France and the UK, Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe carries out R&D across a wide spectrum of HVACS areas, including heat pump products and heating systems. Extensive experimental evaluation of heat pumps and systems enables improvements in technology and application as their British facility is the only Mitsubishi Electric plant in the world to have the manufacturing and R&D functions operating side by side. Specific target areas include energy saving and user-friendliness.

Advanced battery management systems & storage modelling and analytics.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems is Europe’s biggest solar energy research institution and part of the Fraunhofer society, a nonprofit organization for applied research. Located in Germany, the work at the Institute ranges from the investigation of scientific and technological fundamentals for solar energy applications, the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems.

HIL Testing. Grid operation monitor, distribution state estimation, fault detection. DR strategy.

The Center for Energy at the Austrian Institute of Technology – Austria’s largest non-university research organization – favours a holistic approach to the environmentally friendly electricity supply, heating and climate control of the buildings and cities of tomorrow.

Grid Operator & Energy Provider. Majorca Island pilot site representative.

Fenie Energía is an energy retailer owned by electricians. Its vision is that savings can be generated for the customer by means of personal qualified advice, together with trustfully and transparent relationships between company, electricians and customers. They employ more than 170 people in its headquarters, combined with a sales force of more than 2800 people and their presence in the Spanish power and gas markets, allows the Company to provide for electricity and gas to over 400,000 customers within Spain. In addition, they sell the energy produced by 3000 photovoltaic plants (180 MW) and two wind farms (20 MW).

System architecture, smart-grid connectivity & EMS visualization tools. RES enabled infrastructure.

TEKNIKER is a technological research centre legally constituted in 1981 as a private not-for-profit foundation that aims to develop and transfer technology to improve industrial competitiveness. In line with its missions and origins, TEKNIKER not only provides companies with technological support, but is also involved in generating new business initiatives, which are usually technological and, often, “spin offs” of the centre itself. Some figures about TEKNIKER, around 284 researchers, 30 years working in 247 EU projects, 25% H2020 led projects, 119 patents and 32 new companies created.

Hybrid PV generation systems. Energy storage technologies & know-how (VLA/VRLA lead-acid battery).

Suministros Orduña was founded in 2006 and has grown since then to become one of the main wholesalers-distributors specialized in high quality solar equipment in the Iberian Peninsula. Suministros Orduña products and service offer stand out due to the high quality of the distributed products from main PV brands. Their warehouse and technical facilities are located in Toledo (central Spain) and they also provide technical support services to PV specialized installers and professional trainings.

Canary Islands pilot site representative. Support in deployment & outreach for the Canary Islands.

The Provincial Association of the Small and Medium Industrial of Electricity and Telecommunications (AIELPA, spanish acronym) is a professional association established to oversee the professional interests of the business sector and has contributed to the greater economic and social development of the collective. It also seeks to unify efforts to address common issues with the Public Administration (Councils, Town Councils, Town Halls) and other bodies related to the sector to achieve common goals that can hardly be achieved individually.

Lifecycle assessment. Holistic DR strategy. Gotland Islands pilot site representative.

Uppsala University, founded in 1477, was the first university in Scandinavia. The Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University has over 250 employees and teaches more than 2200 students every year. It’s research focuses on subjects that range from the Earth’s core to the atmosphere, on scales from sub-microscopic structures in minerals to the formation of mountains and oceans. Campus Gotland’s Wind Power division conducts research in a range of topics including wind resource assessment, wind turbine wakes and wake interactions, planning and acceptance for wind power, multi-criteria decision analysis for renewable energy and wind power decommissioning among others.

Exploitation, IPR Management, market analysis & ESCo services for Sardinia region.

An integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation across the fields of Innovation Management, Engineering, Energy, and ICT/Automation. In order to help companies grow and act as an accelerator for bringing technologies and services to the market, R2M provides leadership, links high performance exploitation-oriented networks, and leverages public and private funding instruments.

Energy storage technologies & know-how (high-capacity, environmental friendly, Li-Ion batteries).

In 1992, Midac began producing lead-acid automotive batteries and motive Power batteries. This was followed by the design and production of the stand-by Power battery, based on research and development combining the traditional lead-acid types and the valve-regulated sealed batteries. By its research into the accumulation and exploitation of energy, Midac now produces innovative batteries for new market sectors, Telecommunications, Alternative Energy, Emergency Systems, Nautical and other special uses, and is therefore able to compete with the leading operators in each field of application and play a primary role in the battery business in Europe and worldwide.

San Pietro pilot owner island & outreach for the Sardinia region.

The Municipality of Carloforte is located on the San Pietro Island, approximately 7 km off the southwestern cost of Sardinia, in southern Sardignia, Italy. The municipality has jurisdiction on the entire San Pietro island, one of our pilot sites. Carloforte has ambitiously set in its SEAP to reduce CO2 emissions by 52% in 2020 compared to 2006. To achieve this, among other things, they plan to improve public building energy consumptions (including deployment of PV, solar thermal and micro-wind) on public buildings, promote energy efficiency and RES among private residential buildings and energy-intensive infrastructures.

Energy storage technologies & know-how (high-capacity, ecofriendly, Li-Ion batteries).

The company is focused on sales, Consulting and R&D in Energy storage systems. We distribute different types of batteries; we provide advice and are pioneers in Aluminium technologies in the market with two patents. The aluminium electrochemistry is one of its main products and it is making its way within the battery sector by the hand of Albufera Energy Storage.

Energy storage technologies & know-how (power-to-gas technology)

Electrochaea is a dynamic early stage Munich-based company that has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing, and carbon reuse. Their proprietary process, “power-to-gas” converts low-cost and stranded electricity and carbon dioxide into pipeline-grade renewable gas for direct injection into the existing natural gas grid thanks to a biocatalyst. The technical advantages of this biocatalyst enable their technology to operate at lower capital and operating costs and with greater flexibility than conventional thermochemical methanation processes.

User behaviour. DR & energy dispatch algorithms. Isle of Wight pilot site representative.

Teesside University is a public university founded in 1930, with its main campus in Middlesbrough in the North East of England. Staff in the university’s 5 schools are encouraged to work across traditional discipline and subject boundaries: a multifaceted approach that provides the fresh thinking needed to help address some of the biggest current national and global challenges. For REACT project, Staff from the University’s School of Science Engineering and Design and the University’s Business School will bring their considerable expertise to address the innovation required for the development of the REACT solution.

Lifecycle assessment of RES projects. System validation tasks. Lesbos Islands pilot site representative.

The University of the Aegean was founded in 1984. It is successfully established in 6 campuses spread across the Aegean Archipelago and offers a unique academic, natural, cultural and human environment to experience. It is a strong social and economic factor and acts as Regional Innovator in the two Greek Regions of the Aegean Archipelago. The plethora of its research projects is designed to improve the regional Innovation Capabilities for Human Capital Development, Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer, Career Development, and Mobility of Researchers.

SCADA & energy management. System interoperability. OPF.

The Institute Mihajlo Pupin is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the largest and oldest in whole South-eastern Europe. PUPIN was founded in 1946 and has 453 employees, 250 of them being researchers. At PUPIN, the projects of critical national importance have been conducted, combining systems engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of environmental management, water resource management, traffic management, power systems management, innovation management, policy advisory, etc. For large scale projects, PUPIN assembles teams with the best mixture of expertise appropriate to each specific engagement.

User-Centered Design & Communication

Comet is a SME based in Spain with the main objective to lead to effective commercialization of European R&D achievements, including both public-funded and private-driven initiatives; leaded by a core team of specialists composed by commercial technicians with over 20 years’ experience in Technical Business Development.

PV & solar resource forecasts & modelling. Reunion Island pilot site representative.

The University of Reunion Island is a French public higher education and research institution, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, one of Europe’s outermost regions. By virtue of its unique geostrategic position it is the only European university in the region. Through its research, international influence, range of courses on offer and student living conditions, the University of Reunion Island has many advantages that enable it to play a key role as an interface between Europe and the Indian Ocean.