REACT visits Brazil

Last year REACT project was featured in Brazil. The workshop happened at the Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná (Curitiba) on the 2ndSeptember 2022. A partnership between Professor Luiz Correa from the school of Computer Science of the Universidade Tuiuti and Dayanne Peretti, a PhD candidate at the Engineering department at the University of Galway was made to organize a workshop for the students of Information Technology with the objective to show applied research (thanks to the REACT project) relating the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology fields of study. 

In this workshop, the focus was on presenting Aran Pilot and the capability of applying schemes of demand response in residences. From the community engagement to the optimizations of energy consumption  and demand response use cases planned for the residential buildings, the objective was to show the students all the aspects that may influence a project in this field and what is needed for the measurement and verification phase of any energy efficiency measure. 

The students were interested in how they could apply their computer science theoretical knowledge in other disciplines, such as Electrical Engineering. There were questions about the outcomes  reached so far and what were the challenges in this pilot, including discussions about applying artificial intelligence in the residential sector, GDPR and cyber security.

After this very nice experience of sharing know how, the NUIG team, together with the rest of REACT consortium, is looking forward to more international exposure on the project in the coming months.