REACT takes the streets in Arrecife

During the general assembly of REACT we decided to get closer to the citizens to let them know first-hand the advantages offered by the solutions developed in the project. We were in the center of Arrecife showing the benefits offered by the REACT solutions in the facilities were they have been installed. A booth was installed and members of the project were available to answer any questions pedestrians might have. Carimo Osman, Gisela Soley, Pablo Sarrasin and Fausto Sainz attended passers-by who were interested in the project. The rest of the team also supported these activities to raise awareness about renewable energies, energy communities and the energy transition.

At REACT we firmly believe in bringing all the results of the work carried out in the project closer to all interested parties: public administrations, citizens, scientific community, installers, etc. This is something that we are dealing also in the BRIDGE initiative as it seems very important to have all stakeholders informed and aware of new advances in green technologies, specially citizens that can be encouraged in this way to switch their energy supplies into a more ecological one, promoting energy transition and a greener future.

The project was also made even more public when a television crew come to interview the consortium members about the project. Lancelot, the island TV channel, sent a representative to perform an interview for this local television, carried out in Spanish. The interview about REACT project can now be seen on Lancelot’s digital channel.

And the day after another interview one for the radio on Cadena SER was recorded. Here is the link.

We have to thank our hosts from AIELPA, Victor Sanchez and Kurt Engel for an efficient organisation of this interesting street event. Also special thanks to Josep Mitats and Alexander Fleitas from Veolia for a great job as project coordinators.

Now we are looking forward to the next steps on user engagement and community awareness about energy.