The REACT Team Met Virtually Today for Its 4th General Assembly!

The REACT partners met today, November 24th, for its fourth General Assembly in order to review and present the progress towards the objectives set-up by the REACT project. 

The half-day meeting has been very fruitful. While reviewing the updates of the different work packages, engaging discussions on different topics were initiated, for example with regards to user context and the demand response strategy, which will lead to parallel technical meetings in the short term. It was also highlighted that a major effort has been made by local partners and their pilot clusters related to user recruitment and engagement activities, all of which are framed within the REACT User Engagement Plan. These activities include surveys among the local community to understand how we can better communicate our contents and the creation of different written and visual materials to present our objectives, like for example the animated videos developed for each pilot island in their local language: La Graciosa in Spanish, San Pietro in Italian and Inis Mór in Irish. All the project communication materials are currently being translated into these three languages to facilitate the understanding of our project and support the partners implementing the renewable energy technologies at the participating dwellings of each pilot island.

The meeting ended by reviewing and agreeing on the next steps to guarantee the viability of REACT and with the renewed commitment of making island energy independence our core motivation.