REACT went back to La Graciosa!

After last January’s visit, REACT caught the attention of many inhabitants of La Graciosa. Not only they understood the economic and social benefits the project brings, but they were able to see the possibility of making La Graciosa an island of reference in environmental and innovation matters. A number of close to 20 inhabitants expressed an interest in participating in the project.  

Given this good acceptance, the Engineering projects for the PV solar installation of each participant were developed. With the aim of analysing the dwellings, restaurants, or touristic apartments “hands-on” (and not only on plane) to perform the installations, Feníe Energía, AIELPA, and Orduña went back to the island. Several data was retrieved, such as where to pull the cables across, where to install the batteries and inverters, or the measurements of the actual available space on the rooftops (in many cases, water tanks or other elements that are not included on planes are installed). Moreover, several participation agreements were completed with some inhabitants less accustomed to using email.  

The visit was a great success! All the necessary details regarding the installations of each property were retrieved. Thus, the installations will be performed as soon as possible. In addition to that, several inhabitants who had not been on the island during the January visit learned about the project and also wanted to participate in it. The possibility of including them – as they had to meet certain predetermined criteria, and the solar panel capacity to be installed financed by the E.U. is limited – was studied and finally approved. The number of participants was increased! 

Written by Maria Luisa Serrano Irurzun from Feníe Energía

Edited by COMET