Entregas del proyecto

React Project Deliverables


D.3.4 Energy storage management and integration 3.68 MB 44 downloads

Energy system storages (ESS) can increase energy security by improving the self-sufficiency...

D.3.5 Integration with RES/storage enabled infrastructure 3.04 MB 82 downloads

Report on the integration of the REACT platform and core services with the pilot’s...

D.3.3 HiL testing of optimal control and energy dispatching strategy 6.54 MB 44 downloads

Report on the results from lab testing (HiL - Task 3.3) of the optimal control strategy...

D.3.2 Early deployment at pilot sites 43.85 MB 63 downloads

This deliverable describes the installation and commissioning process that was followed...

D.1.3 Pilot specific demonstration scenarios 9.93 MB 56 downloads

Present the full set of REACT demo scenarios (technical and business models) to be...

D.1.1 Pilot technical characterisation and regulatory framework 5.81 MB 55 downloads

Report on the technical and energy characteristics of the pilots including the associated...

D8.4 - REACT Market Analysis 2.22 MB 58 downloads

This plan includes an analysis of the market context for the solutions identified...

D7.1 REACT validation methodology 4.57 MB 55 downloads

Methodology for results validation in each pilot site. ...

D6.4 Energy management advanced visualization 2.83 MB 48 downloads

Report and application detailing the different energy management dashboards developed...